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At Equestria.dev, we value your privacy. We try to collect as little data as possible to provide you with the service you expect. Regardless, Equestria.dev's data tratement is made in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

1. Privacy on the Equestria.dev online services

Equestria.dev will only save the information you explicitly give us (for instance as part of a registration form). No other data will be collected.

However, as part of law enforcement, Equestria.dev will collect IP addresses and other browser information (browser name, version, operating system, URL, and date) for 365 days. This information is deleted every year in January.

Furthermore, Equestria.dev may, as part of improving the quality and reliability of its services, collect entirely anonymous information, including the pages you visit, excluding any potential personal data. This information is made anonymous before being aggregated into statistics, and the original information is stored as mentioned in 1§2 (see above).

2. Privacy on the Equestria.dev applications

This section applies to applications that are "installed" (accessible even without specific service from Equestria.dev) to a user's device, and as soon as the user starts the installation process.

Equestria.dev applications will never monitor, store, disturb or prevent other applications' behavior. Whether the application is running or not will be made clear to the user at all time.

Some applications may, after a user has given their explicit and clear consent (including after a user has acknowledged the kind of data that will be collected), collect anonymous statistic data as part of improving the quality and reliability of these applications. A user is always given the option to stop sending these statistics to Equestria.dev without any change in how the application behaves.

3. Privacy on the Equestria.dev online services or application that integrate with third party components

When an Equestria.dev online service or application integrates with a third party component, the privacy policy from that third party takes effect on all operations that are handled by this third party.

When the third party component constitutes the main operation the online service or application handles, the privacy policy from the third party applies in priority. When the third party component constitutes a secondary operation within the online service or application, Equestria.dev's privacy policy applies first.

In the event that the privacy policy of a third party depended upon by an Equestria.dev online service or application depends on changes, users of said Equestria.dev online service or application will be made aware of the changes and how it affects the way they use the online service or application.

4. Privacy on Equestria.dev physical places

In the event Equestria.dev hosts operations in physical places, security cameras may be used as to protect the users of these places. If so, all recordings will be deleted within 30 days if they are not to be used as evidence in a police investigation. As required per law enforcement, users may not be made aware of whether their data have been deleted or not.

Specific locations within these places visited by users, including the name of the location, the date of visit, the time spent in the location and the other users in the location may be collected for statistic purposes and for fire and intrusion security. Deletion of this information can be requested afterwards at any time.

5. Equestria.dev's responsibility in protecting a user's private data

Equestria.dev is entirely responsible for securing a user's private and personal data (unless a third party is involved in the process, in which, as mentioned in section 3, the third party's responsibility is taken).

In the event that such information is made public, e.g. by intruders downloading data from Equestria.dev's servers, users will be made aware of the issue as soon as possible, and will be given instructions if required.

Equestria.dev has no interest in selling, giving away or exposing user data and will not attempt any of these operations at any time.

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