Ponies doing 
 with computers

6 years of experience and still standing

We're still learning and making software to fulfill your and our needs. With a total count of 136 projects (excluding unfinished or unarchived projects), we have tried about anything that is possible to do with the technologies in our hooves. We are still making new things every so often.

Based on simple principes

Open and future-proof

Most of our software is released under an open-source license, encouraging community contributions and improvements. We also make sure this software can be used not only now, but also any time in the future.

Secure and private

We put user security and privacy at the top. Using encryption when deemed necessary, and being extremely transparent when it comes to how we use user data, our software is protecting what matters for users rest assured.

Fun and rewarding

Every single line of code we write is written voluntarily, on our free time, and to learn more about programming and computer science as we go. This makes Equestria.dev a perfect learning experience for us.

Stable and reliable

Although bugs can sometimes appear, we make sure to squash them as quickly as possible. We write our code in a way that makes crashes almost impossible, or extremely rare, so that users can get the best out of our work.

Mastering a wide range of languages

This is only a fraction of what we've done

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"We'll do our part. Hoof to heart." - Sunny Starscout, My Little Pony: A New Generation
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