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The following terms of use only apply to online services hosted by Equestria.dev, including if the online service is accessed through a third party. "Local" applications or services which are not hosted by Equestria.dev are not governed by these terms of use but by respectively their license agreement and the service's hosting provider terms of use.

1. Demographics

Specific users may not be allowed to use Equestria.dev's online services depending on their location or physical condition.

Users who are located in China, Russia, North Korea, and some other countries are not allowed to use online services. Exceptions can be made on a per-case basis by the administrators.

Individuals who are legally younger than 13 years old are not allowed to use the online services at all. Users who are less than 21 years old may not have access to specific features.

2. Purposes

Equestria.dev grants users a unique, revocable, exchangeable permission to access the online services.

Using the online services in a profit-making activity whatsoever is not permitted, no matter how much profit is made, and will result in immediate termination of the access to the online services.

3. Law enforcement

When using a service hosted by Equestria.dev, a user agrees not to use the service for any operation that is illegal in France, the United Kingdom and/or the United States. Moreover, a user's operations must not prevent other users from doing their own operations.

Publishing sexually explicit or violent content, malicious code or software, or stolen content is not permitted and will result in immediate termination of access.

4. Services quality and reliability

Hosting online services is complicated and Equestria.dev is running on very limited income.

The Equestria.dev developers and administrators should not be liable in the event an online service is not working as intended. All online platforms are served as is with no warranty whatsoever that it will work as intended or work at all for any given period of time.

Equestria.dev states that the services they host may be slow or unreachable at unspecified points in time, with or without warning. The administrators make no promise as to a specific percentage of availability for a given service throughout the year.

5. Mutual respect and equality

When social interactions are present, all users agree to not discriminate each other because of their social, physical or psychological conditions, including their opinions. Users are encouraged to report such inappropriate behavior to help keep the platforms safe for everyone.

All users are free to identify as they wish as long as it doesn't affect the way other users interact with the service. All identities are valid no matter where they are from.

Everyone gets access to the exact same service, regardless of where they live, who they are, or how much money they have. Equestria.dev greatly values equality and respect between users and insists that users should report inappropriate behavior, whether it violates these terms of service or not.

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